Tapasya 70 Grandwalk:Double your money,if possession not given on time


Tapasya 70 Grandwalk:

Mixed used high street market with unique features to give you a chance to earn maximum return on your investment.

70 grandwalk is a perfect low maintenance market with all those options which every market need like retail shops, multiplex, food court, managed apartment with renowned 4 star operator, office space for self use as well as managed by international operators. All these things give market a kick-start for better footfall on the day one.

70 Grandwalk another unique feature is its location. It is placed in the middle of 30,000 apartments where more than 5000 families are already living in the societies like tulip orange, violet, white, GPL heights etc.

This market has wide frontage on 60 meter and 24 meter, which differentiate this market with others. The atriums are very big to give better showcasing of all the shops.

The Last but most important reason to have a shop here is the price of this market. Firstly the price of 12500 Rs./sqft on SPR is undervalued secondly the extra charges are also very less in comparison to other projects in gurgaon. Most of the builders put heavy PLC on every shops to decrease the BSP but here you will give PLC only on the genuine reason like 60 meter,24 meter or the corner one which will be 7.5%,5% and 2.5% respectively. The car parking charges are also very less which is 4 Lakhs per bay.


Now the offer which nobody can ignore:-

We are giving two major benefits which can make your mind to buy property here..

  1. The Payment Plan: (30:70)
  2. Buy back scheme (Double) and Assured Return(12%-16%)


  1. The payment Plan:(30:70)

Pay 30% in 2 months and rest on possession. This payment plan minimizes the risk of investor and gives the maximum chance to get the BEST ROI as your investment is just 30% and you will get return on overall if you sell this property at the time of possession.

2.Assured Return (12%-16%)

Thanks for new generation builder and the recessions where builder pay an interest of your money, which is always better than the bank deposit. Here you get a chance to earn from two ways. First assured return and the second premium when you sell the property.

Now let us see what better options we are giving to our Buyers? Most of the builder asks you nearly 80-90% of the BSP to give assured return plan but here in 70 grandwalk you need to pay just 30% and get the same benefits of assured return. Most of the builder pays 11%-12% assured return and this is fixed till possession. Means builder never give time line to give possession as they are giving you assured return. But in case of 70 grandwalk we have time frame and if we fail to our commitment we give you penalty, which are as follows

12% assured return – Possession time (July 2018)

14% Assured Return – July 2018-july 2019

16% Assured Return – July 2019-July 2020

Also if due to some reason we fail to give Possession till July 2020 get Double of your money back or continue with 16%.

It means if the possession is delayed due to any reason you will get the return more then 37%-38% per annum which is the max and the safest in this market.

These conditions show the commitment level of the builder to give possession.


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